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You've chosen the location. You've chosen the date. I'd love to meet with you to help it all fall perfectly
into place.
Call me for an obligation free first meeting. Upon selecting my services, you'll need to provide:

  • Your birth certificates
  • Your driver's licences
  • Death certificate if widowed
  • Divorce Certificate if divorced
  • Passport / birth certificate & photo ID if Australia is not your place of birth

We need to complete initial paperwork at least one month and one day prior to the date of your intended marriage.
Whilst I am based in Metropolitan Sydney, I am available to conduct your wedding ceremony Australia wide (by arrangement).

Add your love and devotion to my professionalism and dedication to excellence and you're in for a magical and memorable wedding day.


This is not a legal marriage but it represents a desire by two people to publicly state that they are “a couple”. Conducted in much the same way as a marriage ceremony, a commitment ceremony omits legal wording, and legally binding certificates. Commitment ceremonies may be conducted because one or both parties might be legally married in the eyes of their religion or culture, but have been long apart and no longer living as a married couple yet are unable to divorce. Some people do not want to be ‘legally bound’ to another but are quite happy to live together in a committed and monogamous relationship. Commitment ceremonies are also a heartfelt way that two people in a loving same-sex relationship can promise the exclusion of all others…to each other.



Your precious new addition to your family has your surname. Your baby's first name has been chosen, carefully, usually after much deliberation. Whatever your choice and whatever your reasons this little person is to be welcomed in style into your world.  Naming ceremonies are also conducted for toddlers, adolescents and adults for a variety of reasons.
As traditional Christenings are featuring less in the lives of some families, with a focus on religion diminishing for many, I am more than happy to incorporate your individuality into our ceremony. Your naming ceremony will be filled with meaningful rituals to celebrate this new start in life, ensuring a warm welcome within your family and community.



Milestone anniversaries are a great time for this ceremony. Your feeling of love and togetherness is something you want to share with the world. Your care and respect for each other shows in your every action. Renewing your vows is heartfelt and emotionally touching as you bring to life your marriage ceremony that happened some time ago. Perhaps your ceremony lacked the time, emotion or ambiance you now wish to incorporate. For those already married who are still very much in love with and committed to their spouse we celebrate your devotion to each other and we will delight in crafting a ceremony to represent your commitment to each other and desire to grow in love together.



Having your celebrant conduct a dignified service in loving memory is sometimes not enough. It is vital for me to have an understanding of the life lived, with all the little inside nuances to fully express just how your loved one will be remembered.
Yes, funerals are traditionally sad occasions, however, let's remember the good times, the cheeky acts, the funny occasions, the actual life lived 'in full colour' - and celebrate that life. It's ok to smile at some of the memories - and it's ok to feel sad that we can't embrace that person. They will forever be in your heart and the service I conduct for you will honour their life and cherish their memory.

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Servicing Australia wide (based at Bella Vista NSW)
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For a personal touch with a difference, Cherie and Ian Raffan have the understanding and personal difference to make your special day, more than special.

Whilst we are based in Metropolitan Sydney, either Cherie or Ian are available to conduct your wedding ceremony
Australia wide (by arrangement).

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