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Funerals are typically sad affairs with 30-45 minutes allocated for your ‘goodbye’. That’s the traditional way in a church, chapel or funeral home but it needn’t be that way.

Your loved one is to be honoured for the period they have been in your heart – and that may be a very short time in the case of a stillborn child or a baby…or an elderly loved one who has sampled life in all its vibrant colour over many decades.

We take the time to help you relive your memories, so we can create a special and heartfelt ceremony to honour your loved one.

Our objective in all of the funerals we conduct is to allow you to briefly smile – to capture those memories so dear to you and to hold onto them for as long as you like.

Yes, we’d be only too happy to meet with you to get all of the details we can to leave you with a living memory…and we’d also be delighted to help you plan a longer celebration of the life lived – in whatever setting was significant in your loved one’s life. Were they a lover of the bush; perhaps a surfie; someone who loved the water; a person who relished natural beauty of the stunning Australian countryside…or a person who just loved being at home? The service can be anywhere you like, and the time-frame can be one to suit you and your family.

Let us bring your memories to life and plan a fitting farewell to a person who can never be replaced – but will always live in your heart.


Servicing Australia wide (based at Bella Vista NSW)
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For a personal touch with a difference, Cherie and Ian Raffan have the understanding and personal difference to make your special day, more than special.

Whilst we are based in Metropolitan Sydney, either Cherie or Ian are available to conduct your wedding ceremony
Australia wide (by arrangement).

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