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Baby namings are a non-religious form of Christening and although this is the naming ceremony that would be most familiar to you, it’s not the only reason to have a naming ceremony.
With the vast cultural diversity that our wonderful country boasts, many of our citizens, neighbours or work colleagues bear names from their former homeland that can be difficult to spell or pronounce for only English-speaking people. For this reason, many such people adopt an “Aussie” name by which they sometimes prefer to be known. Whether for ease of use or assimilation, the Anglicization of their birth name can help people feel a more accepted part of their new Australian community.
What better way to celebrate this welcome, acceptance and assimilation by holding a naming ceremony. The blending of two cultures and the embracing of new friends in a new homeland can be acknowledged by a ceremony specially crafted by me. Each ceremony is personalized and celebrates the unique characteristics of the recipient. I welcome suggestions, input and collaboration – it is your opportunity to embrace your community of friends, family, neighbours and colleagues in style – your way.

Legal Change of Name

Another reason for me to conduct a naming ceremony can follow a legal change of name by a person. Whether this is changing your given name to a name you prefer to be called by, or changing your last name to one that dispels past unhappiness or eliminates a surname you’ve come to dislike – let’s rejoice in the ‘new you’.
Change of name can be very cathartic and freeing if your current/former name evokes disharmony or displeasure. You can proudly flourish your new name amongst your nearest and dearest and what a wonderful celebration this can create.
Lots of rituals, fun and togetherness might be your way or celebrating, or perhaps a quieter and more serious ceremony is more to your taste. Creatively crafting your naming ceremony with me, will give a sense of excitement, anticipation and freedom that you can’t wait to share with your world.


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For a personal touch with a difference, Cherie and Ian Raffan have the understanding and personal difference to make your special day, more than special.

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